Battery Storage for Solar Panels

At Adept Renewables, we proudly offer a range of solutions, including solar battery storage. Our team installs sophisticated systems that store solar power and keep it for later use, even when the sun isn’t shining. These batteries are wired to solar panels to regulate the flow of energy and seamlessly integrate into your property’s existing electrical work. You can power everything from heating systems to kitchen appliances!

    Effective Solar Power Storage in Bournemouth

    Solar power storage is an ideal way to capture and use renewable energy. By capturing excess energy generated during the sun’s peak hours, these batteries provide a sustainable and reliable source of electricity when sunshine is scarce, especially during nighttime or overcast conditions. This stored energy can effortlessly power your home or business’s electrical systems—including lighting, heating, appliances, and even charging stations for electric vehicles—reducing reliance on unpredictable grids and costly non-renewable sources. Not only does solar power storage bolster energy independence, but it also plays a role in making solar panels a comprehensive energy solution.

    Our Products

    At Adept Renewables, we’re proud to make solar energy accessible to home and business owners around Dorset. Our team is knowledgeable about the following types of solar power storage:


    If you have existing solar panels, we can retrofit them with battery storage. Retrofitting involves integrating a battery system with the current PV setup and allows for enhanced energy efficiency independence.


    A Hybrid battery system includes both the solar PV array and batteries being connected to the same inverter which leads to less DC conversion and potential losses as well as lower installation costs using only 1 inverter.


    Stand-alone battery storage is for off grid installation where mains power is not available. These can be installed alongside solar panels for greater energy independence and easy-to-access backup power.

    Our Installation Process

    We have a specific process for installing solar power storage in Dorset. While we may tailor our approach to your exact circumstances, here are the general steps for outfitting your property with battery storage:


    First, we’ll assess any existing systems and your energy needs. We can then determine compatibility and capacity for integrating the battery storage.

    Site Preparation

    Next, we’ll ensure the work area is suitable and secure. Our team takes safety seriously, and we’ll go above and beyond typical safety standards.
    Electrical Connection—Once the site is ready, we can connect the battery storage system to the solar panels and the home’s electrical system.


    Before leaving your property, we’ll test the entire system to check for proper functioning and address any potential issues. The installation process should only take one or two days, depending on the complexity of your system.

    What Sets Adept Renewables Apart

    As solar panels become more popular, we’re seeing more options for battery storage on the market. However, residents of Bournemouth continue to trust Adept Renewables for exceptional renewable energy solutions. And you don’t have to take our word for it—over the years, we’ve earned certifications from numerous organisations, as well as glowing reviews from our customers. Our team holds the following credentials:

    • MCS certification
    • HIES certification
    • Which? Trusted Trader
    • A 9.73 rating on Checkatrade
    • Tesla approved


    How can I measure how much green energy is stored?

    Green energy in a solar battery can be monitored online with an app that is provided free of charge for the life of the system this shows solar production, battery charge level, grid usage in real time as well as compiling this information into historical graphs and charts.

    How long do solar batteries last?

    The lifespan of solar batteries ranges between 5 to 15 years. The longevity of solar batteries can depend on factors such as the type of battery, usage cycles, and the specific model and chemistry of the battery.

    How do I know if my solar battery is charging?

    As well as online monitoring, a solar battery will have an indicator of whether it’s charging. Many have LED lights that turn on during a charging cycle, while others have a charge controller that monitors the power supply.

    What maintenance does a solar battery need?

    The Lithium-Phosphate batteries we use have do not require routine maintenance and have many advantages over Lithium-ion batteries offered by competitors. The charging characteristics of LiFePO4 leisure batteries make them a great choice for many different applications where fast charging, high power output, and long lifespans are important.

    Do solar panel batteries cause a fire risk?

    Solar panel batteries post a relatively low fire risk, so long as they are properly installed and maintained.

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