Heat Pumps & Thermal Energy

Residential and commercial thermal energy is transforming the way people think about heating and sustainability. Thanks to our innovative air-source and geothermal heat pumps, homes and businesses are able to harness solar energy and convert it into usable heat. There are endless benefits to installing a thermal energy heat pump and we can service Bournemouth, Dorset and the surrounding area. At Adept Renewables, we’re committed to providing solutions for optimal solar energy and heating. Our team has earned certifications from HIES and MCS, as well as approval from renowned manufacturers like Tesla. Our customers know the Adept Renewables difference, we have a 9.73 rating on Checkatrade!

    Solutions for Residential and Businesses

    Thermal energy is paving a sustainable road for both residential homes and businesses. Thermal heat pumps are just one way you can enhance your property’s energy independence and lower your carbon footprint. These systems can power most properties from single-family homes to large commercial buildings. To optimise the system, solar panels paired with battery storage are vital, ensuring a continuous energy supply even when the sun sets.

    Why Have a Green Energy Heat Pump Installed?

    Thermal energy converters are becoming more popular every year. In fact, up to 60% of UK homeowners plan to install solar panels, and 26% are considering adding a heat pump to their system. And this popularity is for excellent reasons. For one, a typical gas boiler is 95% efficient. While this sounds like an achievement, compare that with a solar heat pump that hovers around 300% efficiency. Other reasons to opt for green energy include:

    Cost Savings

    Installing residential solar thermal systems can lead to significant cost savings on energy bills.

    Reduced Environmental Impact

    Solar thermal systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by displacing fossil fuels and grid electricity, thus decreasing the environmental impact of traditional energy generation.

    Carbon Emission Reduction

    By using solar energy instead of fossil fuels, solar thermal systems reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. When enough of us use renewable energy, we can make major strides toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.

    Low Maintenance

    Solar thermal systems generally require low maintenance, providing a hassle-free energy solution for residential and commercial applications.

    Our Heat Pump Installation Process

    Adept Renewables is proud to have an efficient thermal heat pump installation process and a range of other services. We may adapt the steps to your property, but the general process remains the same. Installation typically involves the following steps:

    Site Assessment

    Depending on the type of thermal heat pump, either an air source heat pump or a geothermal heat pump, we will do a full site assessment and ensure you’ve chosen an appropriate installation.

    Collector Installation

    Collectors for the heat pump are then installed, taking into account proper positioning and sizing.

    Framework Installation

    Next, we assemble and attach the framework mounting for the heat pump. We take extra caution to guarantee everything is secured.

    Connectivity and Integration

    Once the collectors are in place, we will connect them to the heat pump system following manufacturer guidelines and local regulations.


    After installation, we thoroughly test the heat pump system to make sure everything functions as intended.


    Is my home suitable for a heat pump?

    A suitable home for a solar heat pump converter should have good insulation and plenty of available space. Our team can help decide whether this system is right for your property.

    How much more effective is a green energy-powered heat pump compared with a conventional boiler?

    Solar heat pumps have a 300% efficiency rating compared with a conventional gas boiler’s 95%.

    How long will a heat pump last?

    The average lifespan of a well-maintained heat pump ranges from 10 to 25 years, depending on the type, usage, and maintenance.

    How many solar panels will I need to power my home and heat pump?

    Every property has different solar panel requirements to meet its energy needs. Thankfully, we can help you determine the right number of solar panels based on your energy consumption, heat pump usage, and roof space.



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