Commercial Solar Panels

Adept Renewables is here to guide businesses as they transition to solar. Over the years, we’ve installed countless commercial solar panels in Bournemouth and are well-equipped to help you, too. Learn more about solar panel installation for commercial purposes.

    Solar Panels for Businesses in Bournemouth

    Solar panels offer an array of benefits, from economic savings to environmental stewardship. Using solar energy can drastically reduce utility costs, shield against fluctuating energy prices, and underscore a business’s dedication to sustainability–a growing priority in today’s marketplace. Industries that typically consume large amounts of power, such as manufacturing plants, data centres, and expansive retail facilities, stand to gain significantly from the switch to solar

    Start Generating Renewable Energy

    You’ll find endless benefits once you begin generating commercial renewable energy. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses in Bournemouth and all of Dorset enjoy these advantages. Here are just a few of the ways your business will benefit from our solar panel services:

    Environmental Benefits

    Solar panels for businesses immediately enhance sustainability. Utilising solar energy helps reduce carbon emissions and aligns with eco-friendly business practices. In a world where sustainability is crucial, protecting the environment can future-proof your organisation.

    Financial Benefits

    Commercial solar panel installation may come with an upfront cost, but over just 3 years, you can expect a return on your investment. Renewable energy often leads to reduced monthly energy costs for businesses and, therefore, significant long-term savings.

    Benefits to Your Reputation

    Implementing renewable energy solutions can enhance a company’s public image and reputation. Investing in renewable energy showcases a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which conscious consumers all over the country value.

    Day to Day Benefits

    Commercial solar panel installation provides benefits to your day-to-day operations. These energy sources offer increased reliability and minimal service disruption, meaning you’ll enjoy better operational stability.

    What to Consider Before Solar Installation

    Before deciding on solar installation, businesses should think through several crucial factors to ensure the transition aligns with their objectives and budget. Fortunately, Adept Renewables is here to be your guide through the process. Consider the following as you get ready for commercial solar panel installation in Bournemouth:

    Long-Term Savings

    The initial costs of installing solar panels may require some budgeting, but the long-term savings are well worth it. Solar panels can greatly lower operational costs, earning you a sizeable return on your investment.

    Energy Needs Assessment

    Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s current and future energy needs. This assessment helps determine the appropriate size and type of solar system required, optimising your investment.

    Site Specifications

    The size and shape of your roof will make a difference during installation. A professional assessment of the installation site ensures it is suitable for solar panels.

    Sustainability Goals

    Think about your sustainability goals. How will solar panels further your objectives? Aligning solar installation with broader sustainability initiatives reinforces commitment to environmental stewardship.


    What return on investment should I expect if I invest in solar PV?

    Every project is different, but our customers can expect an average 10% return on their investment.

    Are there still subsidies or grants available for solar generation?

    The UK government still offers some grants to minimise or eliminate the cost of solar panels for businesses.

    What is the right size solar PV system for my business?

    The size and number of solar panels will depend on how much power your business uses every day. In general, a medium-sized business needs about 70 solar panels to function.

    Do I need to consider battery storage with commercial solar panels?

    Battery storage makes an excellent addition to commercial solar panels. These units store excess power for use when the electricity demand is higher.

    Can I write off solar panels for my business in the UK?

    Yes! Businesses in the UK can save on taxes by installing solar panels on their buildings. This tax break promotes green energy and lower carbon emissions among local companies.



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