Renewable Energy for New Builds

Renewable Energy for New Builds and Housing Developments in Bournemouth

Nowadays, forward-thinking developers and home renovators are looking for eco-friendly materials and processes. If you’re planning a new build in Bournemouth, be sure to explore your options for renewable energy. This power system not only saves the planet but can also bring you sizeable profit margins and increased opportunities for revenue. The team at Adept Renewables is dedicated to helping you incorporate solar panels into your new build. Learn more about how we equip Dorset properties with these state-of-the-art solutions. 

Going green isn’t just a lifestyle choice—it’s a strategic investment that attracts buyers. Adept Renewables stands at the forefront of this eco-friendly revolution, offering renewable energy for new builds. Our services are a golden opportunity to enhance property appeal and market value. With proven expertise in designing and installing sustainable energy solutions on a commercial scale, we guarantee top-quality results. Considering solar panels, on average, increase home value by £32,459 across the UK, solar panels for newly built houses aren’t just good for the planet—they’re a smart business choice.

Solar Panels Installation for Housing Developments

Planning a new build is nothing short of stressful. Fortunately, solar panels for housing developments can future-proof your investment. Construction trends are getting greener, and you’ll want to establish yourself as an eco-friendly operation. Talk to our team about these renewable energy solutions for new builds: 

PV Solar Panel Installation

PV solar panel installation is the first step toward harnessing solar energy efficiently. The process begins with an assessment of the property’s suitability, including roof condition, orientation, and shading. Then, our professional installers will design a system tailored to your energy needs. Post-installation, you will enjoy renewable energy that contributes to environmental sustainability while reducing utility costs.

Solar Energy Storage

Solar energy storage, such as batteries, helps maximise renewable energy use. By storing excess solar power generated during peak sunlight hours, these systems ensure energy availability throughout the day and night. This technology not only mitigates the effects of rainy, cloudy days but also allows businesses to significantly reduce their reliance on the grid and save on electricity bills. 

Heat Pumps & Thermal Converters 

Heat pumps and thermal converters are efficient ways to heat buildings. By extracting heat from external air or the ground, these systems transform solar energy into a viable source for heating and hot water. Unlike traditional methods, solar heat pumps reduce carbon footprints and operational costs simultaneously, offering a greener, cost-effective alternative. Thermal converters optimise the energy conversion process and ensure maximum efficiency when creating usable energy. Together, these technologies help you successfully transition to sustainable energy. Ask us about: 

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps

Solar Maintenance 

Our comprehensive solar maintenance services ensure that your investment continues to perform at its peak long after installation. Regular health checks, cleaning, and technical support are always available from the Adept Renewables team. These proactive measures not only prevent potential system downtimes but also optimise energy production, guaranteeing the most efficient use of solar power. 

Why Choose Adept Renewables 

As you explore options for renewable energy for new homes, be sure to consider one of Adept Renewables’ solutions. We have the skills, resources, and capacity to install solar panels on small and large scales. Once installation is complete, our job isn’t over. We’re committed to providing continual maintenance for your investment, maximising your returns. Our team is proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader, have a 9.73 rating on Checkatrade, and hold certifications from the following organisations: 

  • MCS
  • HIES
  • TrustMark
  • Tesla

Get in Touch With Us Today 

Prioritising green energy for new homes is simple when you work with Adept Renewables. We’ll listen to your needs and recommend solutions tailored to your most recent project. Our team is highly experienced with solar panel installation and all the matters that come along with it. Contact us today to start discussing your new build. 

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